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Corporate Meetings with a Difference

Mobile Axe throwing Range

Elevate your next corporate offsite meeting with our mobile axe throwing hire!

We bring the dynamic world of axe throwing to your meeting location, providing a unique and energising start to your corporate events. With four lanes, each boasting sturdy, circular targets, our setup is designed for team-building and friendly competition.

Choose from an array of throwing instruments – traditional axes, precision knives, or our signature Throwing Ravens – to suit every skill level.

Ideal for kick-starting a day of strategic discussions or celebrating the successful completion of your meeting, our axe-throwing range promises an activity and an opportunity to forge stronger team bonds, encourage collaboration, and create memorable experiences.

Memorable Celebrations

Axe throwing BullseyeTransform your birthday celebrations or wedding festivities with our mobile axe-throwing range, a novel entertainment option that promises fun and excitement for all.

Tailored for anyone over 7, our axe-throwing experience is perfect for injecting a dose of thrill into axe throwing birthday parties.

Engage in friendly competitions, where participants can showcase their skills and vie for prizes, creating an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

Our range offers a unique twist for weddings – not only can we provide a lively diversion for guests during photo sessions, but we can also integrate seamlessly into your wedding photos, adding a distinctive and memorable element to your special day.

Find Out More About Axe Throwing Hire

Whether celebrating another year or tying the knot, our axe-throwing experience is guaranteed to leave lasting impressions and stories to tell for years to come.

Please fill out our enquiry form to begin the journey. Completing the form takes the first step towards securing an unforgettable axe-throwing experience for your event. Don’t worry; there’s no commitment at this stage. We’ll check the availability of our range and ensure your venue is suitable for setting up axe-throwing safely.

Whether for a corporate event, a birthday bash, or your special wedding day, we’re here to help you create an event that will be discussed long after the axes have landed.

So, why wait? Enquire now, and let the excitement begin!


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