Escape Room – St Catherine’s Quest


An Outdoor Escape Room

You are a group of aspiring secret agents selected for an initial test: St Catherine’s Quest.

This unique outdoor escape room takes place in the beautiful St Catherine’s Valley, where you must find and unlock a series of hidden boxes that will lead you to your ultimate goal.

Each box contains instructions on how to get to the following location and puzzles and challenges that will test your intelligence, agility, and teamwork.

As you progress, the boxes get harder to find and harder to unlock, so you must use your wits and skills to overcome the obstacles. You have 2.5 hours to complete the quest and prove you are worthy of joining the next mission.

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“We had a fantastic time! Everyone enjoyed this just the right amount of challenging treasure hunt (Kids aged 12). The adventure was well-paced and thought out with enough variety to keep us on our toes yet enough time to enjoy a stunning walk through the valley. We’d definitely be up for the next one!”

£25 per team

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Who would enjoy this escape room?

Anyone who can walk 4 miles, enjoys finding things or completing puzzles.  Our experience is that children over 7 can actively take part in the puzzles and unlock the boxes.

The Details

  1. Starting Location: Batheaston
  2. Duration:  2.5 Hours – departing every 45 minutes
  3. Cost: £25 per team
  4. Teams Size: 2 – 6 – must include one adult.
  5. Distance:  around 4 miles
  6. Terrain:  Hilly footpaths

What do you need?

  1. A smartphone to start the quest and complete some of the tasks.
  2. Appropriate footwear –  the course covers footpaths around St Catherines and Solsbury Hill.  It may be muddy….
  3. The right clothes for the weather.
  4. Snacks to keep you (and younger ones) going

How does it work?

You will receive instructions via email immediately.  The instructions will tell you where the first box is and the combination code required to open it.  You will find a registration code in the first box that will start your quest and give instructions on unlocking the next box.

If you get stuck on any of the codes or locations there are helper QR codes that will simplify or solve the puzzles for you.  Using helper codes will add 10 minutes of time to your overall score.

The Oct Half Term Leader Board



PositionTeam NameTime (Mins)Help PointsFinal Score
1Hallelujah it’s raining… Men?1180118
2Cobra crew11110121
4The Obie-won-kanobis13720157


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