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Tailored private paddleboard coaching sessions designed for beginners seeking personalized instruction and individuals aiming to enhance efficiency and technique, ensuring rapid progress and an elevated connection with the water.

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“Thank you so much for our intermediate lesson it was an absolute pleasure and we’ve never had so much fun on the boards. We’ll definitely be up for future adventures with you. “ – Rachel

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Whether you’re taking your first strokes on a paddleboard or you’ve been gliding on the water for a while, our private coaching sessions offer a unique and personalized approach to honing your skills.

For beginners, we understand that learning in a private setting can often be more comfortable and conducive to rapid progress. Our certified instructors will provide patient and individualized guidance, ensuring you build a strong foundation in paddleboarding techniques. With their expert assistance, you’ll gain confidence in balancing, manoeuvring, and navigating the water, setting you up for a successful and enjoyable paddleboarding journey.

For those with prior paddleboarding experience, our private coaching sessions are designed to refine your technique and boost your efficiency. Whether you’re looking to paddle longer distances with less effort or master advanced manoeuvres, our instructors will work closely with you to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching. By fine-tuning your skills, you’ll experience a new level of fluidity and control on your paddleboard.

No matter your skill level, our private coaching sessions offer an environment where you can focus entirely on your goals. We’ll tailor the sessions to your specific needs, whether building a strong paddling technique, improving balance, increasing speed, or simply enjoying a serene and rejuvenating experience on the water. Join us for these transformative sessions to elevate your paddleboarding abilities and enhance your connection with the beautiful aquatic surroundings.

Our sessions take place from Batheaston, about 3 miles to the east of Bath and are ideal for local residents and visitors to our wonderful city.

Duration: 2 Hours


1 person £45
2 people £70
3 people £90
4 people £100



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