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Axe Throwing Range Rules

To ensure that you and your fellow Axe Throwers are safe  we have the following set of common sense range rules.  You will be asked to read and agree to these rules before you are able to use the Axe Throwing Range.

    1. Have fun!
    2. Closed-toed shoes are required, no high heels!
    3. Only enter the axe throwing range when invited to by your Range Master.
    4. Spectators must remain in the viewing area unless requested otherwise by the Range Master. Spectators will be asked to leave if they throw, or attempt to throw, any projectile.
    5. Authorized projectiles are provided for use- knives & training aids between 12”-16” Long and tomahawks with 14”or Longer handles. The Range Master must authorise any other projectile. Authorized projectiles must stay within the throwing Lane(s)
    6. No swinging, no gesturing, no flipping of projectiles.
    7. If the throwing Lane(s) next to you is occupied, wait while the other thrower(s) have stopped throwing before retrieving your projectile(s)
    8. Always retrieve your projectiles from the targets before picking others up from the floor and retrieve them from the targets in a safe manner.
    9. Ask staff for help if needed while retrieving a projectile.
    10. Never hand a projectile to the next thrower, set it down at the end of your turn.
    11. Be aware that any projectile may bounce back and cause injury, never try to catch them!
    12. Be aware that projectiles may clash and cause burrs, which may cause injury. Regular inspections of them should take place.
    13. Every thrower is responsible for the safety of themselves, other throwers, Spectators & general users of the area surrounding the range.
    14. Throwers under the age of 18 years must at all times be accompanied by an adult, unless advised otherwise by the Range Master
    15. Any projectile will only be thrown at the provided targets
    16. Anyone thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.
    17. Dangerous behaviour will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. Where safety is concerned, the Range Master’s word is final.
    18. No food or alcohol is allowed inside the axe-throwing range. Smoking is not permitted inside the range.
    19. Everyone must sign a release form, before being permitted to throw.
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