Family Paddleboarding Lessons

Paddleboarding – Family Lessons

Our best lessons are our family lessons.  

You have exclusive access to one of our qualified instructors who can either take you and your family through the steps to become a confident paddler or can run a series of games for you to just enjoy the river.

The session will include a short safety briefing which will introduce you to each item of equipment and given a short demo on how to use it.  Once completed we will get you on a board and teach you how to paddle in a straight line, turn the board and then finally stand up.

The team will have a range of boards available to try so if you are thinking of getting your own board then this is an idea opportunity to understand what type of board best suits your needs.

By the end of the lesson you will have the skills to enjoy a safe paddle on the river and have all your paddleboarding questions answered.

  • Lessons are available at 10am, 1pm, 3.30pm, 6pm on most days (subject to availablity)

  • Led by Water Sports Academy (WSA) Qualified Instructors (click for more info)
  • Provider: Paddleboard Batheaston
  • Full insurance, risk assessment and first aid cover for your session.
  • Maximum of 5 people (must include at least one under 18)
  • Car Parking, Boards, Paddles, Buoyancy Aids provided
  • Suitable for 7+ (Younger people are considered but please contact us before ordering)
  • Price £80

Booking is simple

1) Let us know your preferred dates and times using the form below

2) We will contact you by email if one of the dates is available or by phone to work out the best option based on the availibiltiy of our team.

3) We will email you a registration and payment link.


Family lessons

family paddleboarding in Batheaston
5 star google review

“We had an amazing time today learning how to paddle board. A lovely location on the river Avon with dragonflies landing on our SUPs! Great and friendly tutoring and we all loved it.

When I asked the kids to rate it out of 10, they both said 12!”


I am worried I won’t be able to stand up.  Can you help?  

Everyone starts by kneeling on the board and we will help you stand up when you are ready.

There are several ways to do it, depending on your flexibility and age and we can work through the options with you until we find one that works. 

The session will also be fun if you do it kneeling for the whole time!

My Children can already paddleboard but I cannot – would a lesson still work for us?

Children are much lighter, have a lower centre of gravity and have no fear!  They take to paddleboarding fast, and it is a pleasure to watch, unless you are the parent still learning to stand up on the board! 

Don’t worry. We will give them techniques to practice while we help you master the basics.  By the end of the lesson, you will all be paddling together and safely having fun on the river as a family.

Do you need to be a good swimmer?

Let’s be honest, learning to paddleboard does sometimes mean that you will fall in!

All our lessons require you to wear the supplied buoyancy aid so you can enjoy the experience of falling in as much as you enjoy standing up!

No swimming is required!

What should I wear?

Something that is comfortable and will remain comfortable when wet.  We also recommend a windproof top if it is windy so that you will stay warm if you get wet.

You will need shoes on until you get to the jetty but whether you wear them on the board or not is up to you.

Are there changing facilities?

No.  Please come dressed ready for the event and bring a big towel or change robe for the end.

Are there toilets?

Yes – there are public toilets in the car park next to our jetty.  They take a single 20p coin.

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